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Chinese Food

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Reviewed by: bekindtopets on: 2021/3/27 15:58:32
This is the worst Chinese restaurant ever. Don't bother stopping. I ordered take out Kung Pao Chicken. It was greater than 50% green jalapeños. It was so hot I couldn't eat it. I ordered hot and sour soup too. Don't know what it was but it wasn't hot and sour soup nor egg drop. They price every item separate including the white rice for your dinner and crunchy noodles for your soup. I order egg rolls. I got tuff greasy spring rolls. Since I was passing through town after driving some time, I stopped to break for lunch. Needless to say I could eat it and I through it all away. Called them and all I got was a sorry. I was too far up thd hyway to turn around to get my money back. It was an expensive $20 lunch.
Reviewed by: pahildebrand on: 2020/4/7 15:33:29
Very generous servings. Friendly staff. I’d order from here again.
Reviewed by: x on: 2019/8/1 17:52:39
I Ordered Kung Pao Chicken, 2 Eggrolls and Wonton Soup. I don't know how it is possible but the locals have convince this guy to put Giant slices of Jalapeno with the seeds in this dish. I spent 10 minutes digging them out and still could taste the disgusting bitter Jalapeno flavor. BLECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shame on You for perverting your dishes to placate these local border hoppers. The chicken was overcooked dried out turds and the whole thing was drowning in Soy Sauce. The egg rolls had very little filling and no flavor. Up the price .50 and give us some MEAT. The wonton soup was filled to the brim with all sorts of garbage. Cabbage, Squash and I don't know what else yet. I want traditional Chinese. Not this SW Chinese Barf.
Reviewed by: jesicapalmer76 on: 2018/6/27 16:57:57
I love the portion size!
Reviewed by: sheamastr on: 2018/3/1 15:27:43
Best place to get take out. Love the service and always leave satisfied full.
Reviewed by: hellsing9140 on: 2018/3/1 15:21:06
Amazing food and great service. Always a first choice when eating out. 10/10
Reviewed by: wandatourney on: 2018/2/13 15:40:58
Some of the best I have had since I left China!
Reviewed by: dizzywolf on: 2017-02-10
Excellent food, great prices and fantastic service!
Reviewed by: Chrisnjewely on: 2017-01-06
Best Chinese food I have ever eaten, huge portions. I highly recommend this restaurant
Reviewed by: lindajeanhayhurst on: 2015-04-26
Stopped in on recommendations from a fellow rv'er passing thru.. WOW! Delicious variety of scrumptious delights! We had the Strawberry Chicken! Orange Chicken!Sweet and Sour Chicken! And the Lo Mein plate. We ate till we couldnt eat and then more, praising the chef each time he walked by. Plenty! Had left overs and since we were passing thru town,ordered even more. We have enough for a good helping of eight more meals. Wonderful
Reviewed by: twoxntrix on: 2013-11-17
Ate here for the first time a week ago to celebrate my wife's and my birthday. Four of us split cream cheese wontons, honey walnut shrimp, chef's orange chicken, and the house special fried rice. Best Chinese meal I have ever had. The food and portions were spectacular. Will start doing a weekly carry out from now on. The honey walnut shrimp is an absolute gourmet delight!
Reviewed by: rlcallo on: 2013-08-16
I ordered the vegetable lo mein and was very pleased with how tasty it was. I've had it in other places and it can be quite boring, but this one had plenty of veggies and flavor. 5 stars*****!!!!!
Reviewed by: wordworks2001 on: 2013-07-02
I reviewed the China Restaurant several months ago and liked it a lot. It is now under new ownership with a new chef, Chef William, and there are not enough superlatives to do this new eatery justice. There are two places in Deming that serve Chinese cuisine. The other is fast food and cannot compare with the repast William prepares his customers. First of all, the food is unique. I ordered the Strawberry Chicken because I had never seen it on any menu. It was wonderful. The taste was tangier than sweet and sour chicken and I definitely will order it next visit. The green onions and beef was mouthwatering. The onions snapped with freshness and the big pieces of beef were tantalizing. My stepdaughter loved the lo mein beef. Again vegetables that were steamed to perfection. The house special fried rice was the best I have tasted since I was married to my Asian first wife. The seafood won ton soup was hot and couldn't have tasted better. We also enjoyed the shrimp egg rolls From the simple ambiance of the newly decorated dining area to the rest rooms, it was a clean restaurant. I peeked into the kitchen and it was equally clean. I recommend the China Restaurant to anyone who enjoys authentic Chinese food that is tastefully presented and prepared.
Reviewed by: ramirezd on: 2013-05-21
Reviewed by: canda31 on: 2013-03-14
Is it open already here in Deming, nm cant wait so i can go eat there
Reviewed by: joycetsai on: 2012-09-15
Do you plan to reopen at new location? Your food is great and better than Lotus Chinese restaurant at Beach & Warner. Today we planed to eat China Kitchen and ended up have to eat Lotus, very disappointed. Your are a great chef, what you need is a better location. Best wishes, Meng
Reviewed by: glubin on: 2012-06-12
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Reviewed by: johnsonkraz5 on: 2011-03-11
the food was fabulous, the price was great and the delivery driver was happy!!!!
Reviewed by: johnsonkraz5 on: 2011-03-11
the food was fabulous, the price was great and the delivery driver was happy!!!!
Reviewed by: MarilynMonroe1982 on: 2011-01-13
I love this place! It doesn't look like much fromt he outside but it is beautiful on the inside. Everyone is insanely friendly. And the food is amazing! Good luck picking a favorite though, that is the bad part I think. I can never decide!
Reviewed by: menghunt on: 2010-09-04
I thought I can only find good Chinese food in Monetery Park area where has hundreds competitive Chinese restaurants, but China Kitchen surprised me. This is considered the best Chinese food I have in US. Every bite inspires my taste buds! They give you great quality food and double quantity than other restaurants. Service is also great! My husband and kid really love their food.
Reviewed by: Dsnurb on: 2010-08-15
What a gem! When you taste dishes like the giant prawns in curry sauce, it becomes clear there is a TRUE CHEF in the kitchen. Delicate balance of amazing flavors. Wow! Excellent quality for a really reasonable price.
Reviewed by: Dsnurb on: 2010-08-15
What a gem! When you taste dishes like the giant prawns in curry sauce, it becomes clear there is a TRUE CHEF in the kitchen. Delicate balance of amazing flavors. Wow! Excellent quality for a really reasonable price.
Reviewed by: nerdromancer on: 2010-07-18
wonderful service! They always treat us like family, and are eager to make us comfortable and happy. This is our first choice for chinese food, no question
Reviewed by: jewerlymel on: 2007-09-12
Enjoyed dining at Eggroll King restaurant.
Reviewed by: secretstar41449 on: 2007-08-20
Great Food...Luv it!!
Reviewed by: katkuke on: 2007-08-11
You are treated like family even if you only come once a month. The portions are surprisingly large for the amount you pay, and it's always served fresh and tastes excellent. If you have anything left over (you will!) the food retains its flavor well even after microwave use. 10/10
Reviewed by: blkbacardibat on: 2007-08-10
Their food is great! Lots of choices and so much food. It is all fresh and made to order which i love so much! Eggroll King is the best chinese food resturaunt in Orange County!
Reviewed by: volkswgngrl on: 2007-08-06
EVERY single item on the menu is good, which makes it hard to choose! At there low prices of $4.55 for lunch and $7.55 for dinner you can afford to eat there as often as you want! Trust me you will want to! The food is always piping hot and fresh. The service is personable and outstanding each and every time! After trying Eggroll king, you won't want to eat any other chinese food! What more can you ask for- superb food, low prices, and unbeatable service!
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-07-29
GREAT CHINESE FOOD NOT ONLY IN THE US, BUT IN THE WORLD!!! the service is great, the food is delicious, espcially their shrimp fried rice and chow mein, their appetizers wuch as cream cheese puffs, yummmy!!
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-07-29
I love their food...really great authentic chinese cuisine. And on top of that their service is fast and the people are so nice. Friendly atmosphere, I truly recommend this to anyone who wants good eats!
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-07-29
I love their won ton soup!
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-07-29
I really like this place a lot, its one of the great places i'd like to eat at. Their food is very fresh and tasty. One of my favorite dish is the "House Special Chicken," its really tasty and i personally recommend it. Compared to other Asian restaurants, What's great about this place is that they serve alcohol beverages. They have great service and i definitely recommend this place.
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-07-29
I love their food and service!
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2007-07-29
This place has the best service and greatest food at very reasonable prices!